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3 Signs Your Water Heater Is in Need of Service

Few problems around the home can put a damper on your day like a broken water heater. Knowing the signs that you should service your water heater can help you avoid a breakdown and ensure that your home always has the convenience of hot water.

1. No Hot Water

Perhaps the most obvious sign that something has gone wrong with your water heater, a complete lack of hot water is a problem that any homeowner will likely want to fix right away. Before you attribute the problem to your water heater, you will need to confirm that none of the faucets in your home have hot water. If some of your faucets produce hot water but others do not, this is likely a supply line issue.

A number of problems could prevent your water heater from heating water. The fix might be as easy as relighting the pilot light if you have a gas heater or restoring power at the breaker box for an electric heater. In more severe cases, the heating element inside your water heater could have malfunctioned, requiring professional repair or replacement.

2. Cloudy Water

Water from the faucet that is not crystal clear will likely give any homeowner pause but is not always a sign of impurities in your water. Many faucets have a small metal mesh built in known as an aerator. The aerator is designed to mix air with the water from the faucet to slow the flow rate and reduce usage, as well as to help the faucet drain properly. Cloudy water from an aerator will typically clear up within a few seconds.

Your water heater is more likely to be responsible for cloudy water if only the hot water is affected. Water heaters contain a component called an anode rod that slows down the rate of rust inside the tank. The chemical process it uses to do this causes the rod itself to rust. Over time, the rod will rust to the point that it needs replacing. If this is the case, your hot water may appear cloudy or ruddy.backup-Onsite Blogging - Post Content-3 Signs Your Water Heater Is in Need of Service

3. Leaking Water at Base of Tank

Water heater tanks contain enough water to cause serious water damage in your home, so any leaks should be dealt with as soon as possible. Water around the base of the tank could come from a few different places, so look for a few simple fixes before deciding to replace the heater.

The first place to check is the temperature pressure release valve. A discharge tube runs from the valve at the bottom of the tank under your floor. Inspect the discharge tube by closing the valve and disconnecting it. If moisture is inside the tube, the valve needs replacing. The heater could also leak from the drain valve that allows you to flush the tank.

If you see water leaking directly from the bottom of the tank, the entire unit will likely need replacing. This can only occur if corrosion has eaten through both the tank itself and the protective lining inside the tank, so the level of corrosion inside the tank is almost always severe. Flushing your water heater at least once a year can prevent this problem by removing sediment buildup that can accelerate corrosion.

Water heaters rarely fail without some type of warning sign in the weeks leading up to a breakdown. Keep these tips in mind so you know how to spot these warning signs. Contact us at Water Heater Pros for all your service needs. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you with your water heater issues.

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