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When To Replace | Water Heater Pros | Sacramento, Ca

When to Replace


We rarely think about our hot water heater, with it being tucked in a corner of the garage or in a closet, it's easy to forget we even have one, until one day we walk into the garage and see water on the floor, worse yet a flooding water heater.


It's time to take a shower, you turn on the water only to find out its not getting hot? your water heater is obviously not working, this is the most common time most people call us to replace the water heater.


Most appliances have a life expectancy, most Sacramento tank water-heaters fail at different times depending on the quality of the water, and the quality of their water heater, and if it was purchased from a big box store, most of these have a life expectancy of only 8-10 years at most, if your water heater is a contractors grade, its life expectancy is usually 12-14 years and, if you have a professional grade, it can last as much as 20-years, however most water heaters in Sacramento should be replaced at 12 -14 years. Water Heater Pros can help you with a Professional grade and installed it to all current codes, assuring a safe and long life.


Most water heaters that leak cannot be repaired, if the leak is coming from the tank. If the leak is coming from the piping connected to your hot water heaters tank, the leak may be coming from the pipes connected to the tank? or even the service valve at the bottom of the tank, any of these items in most cases can be repaired, again factor in the age and it may be just better to replace the water heater if it's close to or beyond it's life expectancy, this may save you repair money that could go towards a new water heater.



Most water heaters build up minerals during its life of heating cycles, these minerals settle to the bottom of your tank, this is what can cause a water heater to fail well beyond its life expectancy. Flushing once every 6 month will usually keep your tank clean, this is usually the only maintenance required for most tank water heaters. Call Water Heater Pros for free advise and helpful hints.


This can be dangerous, as this sound is usually coming from trapped water under a layer of mineral buildup, this water on a gas water heater can become super heated even boiling, the noise your hearing is air bubbles being released by the super heated boiling water that is trapped under a hard layer of mineral deposits and can crack open releasing this super heater water into your pipes and cause severe scalding, be careful and call us.



Usually due to accumulation of minerals at the bottom of the tank. This build-up can and does displace the room in your tank, 50-gallons of water in your tank my become only 42-gallons due to this build up, high flow shower heads or long showers is another reason you run out of hot water. Your family has grown maybe from 3-people to 5-people you may need a larger water heater or better yet a tankless water heater upgrade.



Most odor coming from a water heater is caused by bacteria in the tank, flushing your tank at this point usually will not help too much, the tank can be treated, this process can take up to 24-hours to perform. Replacing your anode rod with a magnesium anode rod will also help to clear up this ODOR. Discolored and or gritty water usually means the tank is rotting away and replacement as soon as possible is recommended, Water Heater Pros can get this done in less than 3-hours, call us today at 916-344-4500 we will work with you to get you the best water heater for you family's needs, home and budget.



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