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Make a Wish Foundation | Water Heater Pros | Sacramento, Ca

Make a Wish Foundation


Humble Beginnings


Make-A-Wish® is the legacy of Chris Greicius, a 7-year-old boy from Phoenix, Arizona. Diagnosed with leukemia, Chris dreamed of being a police officer. His mother, Linda Pauling, knew leukemia would take his life, so she and a small group worked together to see if they could turn Chris’ dream into a reality. 


The events that transpired on April 29 inspired a wish movement, as Chris received a uniform, badge and spent time in a patrol car and even a helicopter! Chris’ infectious smile and want to help people inspired the group of “wish granters” so much that they didn’t want the day to end. 


Four-days later, Chris passed. That summer, Make-A-Wish was born and Chris’ legacy just beginning.  

In spring-1981, the founders granted their first “official” wish, Frank “Bopsy” Salazar, a 7-year-old diagnosed with leukemia, just like Chris. 


His wish was to be a fireman was granted. 

Stories like these inspired the masses and in 1983, Make-A-Wish became incorporated with chapters opening up across the nation, including our chapter founded by local businessman Frank C. Ramos. 


Sacramento's Make a Wish Chapter History

Since 1983, more than 9,000 wishes have been granted to children within our communities thanks to generous donors, community supporters and dedicated volunteers. 


While we follow the policies and guidelines of Make-A-Wish America, we operate as a separate 501(c)(3) organization where all funds raised by our chapter are used to fulfill our mission in the 45 counties we serve. 

We have regional offices in Fresno, CA and Reno, NV with our headquarters located in Sacramento, CA. However, our headquarters is more than just an office building.  


Water heater Pros of Sacramento, Ca is committed to this heart wrenching cause and will make a donation for every water heater we install in 2021, this donation will be made to the "Make a Wish Foundation" Sacramento Chapter in the month of December, 2021.


The Wishing Place

Imagine a special place where children can escape the rigors of treatment, transplants and never-ending tests.  Imagine a place where fear is replaced by hope. Imagine a place where dreams can be discovered and wishes become reality.  Imagine “The Wishing Place.” 

In 2009, The Wishing Place became a reality in Sacramento and is one of only six  Wishing Places in the world!!  


The Wishing Place was created especially for wish children. The magic begins the moment a child enters the front door.  A “Galaxy of Stars” shines above with colored stars each commemorating a special wish child.   

The child then proceeds to “The Wishing Room” where writing on the walls, is encouraged!  Once that one true wish has been discovered, a magical key that only appears to a wish child, opens the door to “The Wishing Tower” where the anticipation begins. 

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