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Proper flue venting from the water heater to the outside atmosphere must be carefully installed meeting all code requirements. Improper vent piping has been determine to be the cause of many infant deaths as well as house fires related to misaligned or older flue venting, sized appropriately and installed per safety code (2013 CPC Section 509.10.2) and per manufactures installation instructions is recommended in the Sacramento, Ca areas. 

What to look for when you inspect your flue vent:
  • Access to the attic for visual inspection, flue vent must not have any tape on joints.

  • Proper fastening and alignment of the vent piping, tree screws in each joint below ceiling.

  • Check for misalignment and proper fit at each connection.

  • Check for back drafting and the flue collar (on top of water heater)

  • Check overall length of vent from heater to termination above roof is 5'-0" or more. 

  • Proper strapping (prevents dislodgment) this is usually seen in the attic.

  • Proper fresh air for the operation of the water heater, air vents may need to be installed.

  • Remove all debris within 6" of flue below ceiling and 1"gap round vent at ceiling and roof.

  • Damage to the flue piping, any signs of corrosion or crushed vent pipe.

  • Single wall flue vent 1" below ceiling and double wall flue vent in attic space, per code.



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