Water Heater Pros | Water Heater Maintenance Service in Sacramento, California




The answer to this question is definitely yes.

All water heaters do need proper servicing, typically once a year is recommended by most water heater manufacturers but, that depends on the hardness (mineral content) of your water. Once 2-3 years may be sufficient in the Sacramento Areas.


How Water Heater Pros performs maintenance service:

  • Through visual inspection of all connections and internal components

  • Check the age, we recommend replacement if over 12-years old

  • Test for proper operation and calibration (listen for unusual noise)

  • Check the serial number for any TSB (technical service bulletins) and perform work if needed

  • Flush the tank, 5-minutes or more (not drain)

  • Clean out the gas drip-leg, (unscrew bottom 1/2" cap)

  • Removing and clean the burner assembly (must be reassembled correctly)

  • Check for thermal expansion (any bulging of the heater tank or expansion tank if installed, check pressure)

  • Check for connection leakage (water and gas)

  • Calibration desired performance operation

  • Check the temperature (check temperature with a temperature gauge at farthest faucet)

  • Testing for carbon monoxide leakage at burner components and entire flue vent piping

  • Inspect the flue vent (for proper alignment & fitting, replace if damage is present)

  • Depending on the age, check or replace the anode rod(s)

  • Test incoming and outgoing gas pressure (use a manometer)

  • Check for current code requirement violations (safety code updates)

Bet you didn't know?

When water temperatures inside your water heater reach 120 degrees or greater, a rapid separation of minerals in the water settle to the bottom of your tank, it becomes a jelly like form, this is called acid water or dirty water, because of the high concentrations of minerals, alkaline, sulphates and other caustic minerals. 


Flushing your water heater on a regular basis removes these concentrations of caustic minerals, adding years of life to your water heater as well as providing you with clean water for bathing, showering, washing dishes, clothes washing etc. not to mention less dryer skin, so be good to your skin and "Flush that tank"


Dry skin has been known to come from the leaching of mineral deposits (acid water) from your water heater tank while you bathe or shower. 

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