Flush your tank helps the longevity of your water heaters. Water Heater Pros in Sacramento shares tips and valuable information. 


Attach a garden hose to the drain valve as shown.

Flush for just 1-minute for each year of your water heaters age, 4-years old, equals 4-minute flush.

Sediment build-up inside your tank when the water heater has not been flushed regularly.


by, Sid Baysinger


So seldom overlooked, yes you can double your water heater's life, simply flush your tank once a year in the Sacramento areas, it only takes a little time.



A small amount of sediment build-up probably won't hurt your tank, But, a large amount definitely can.

A deep layer of mineral sediment in the tank can cause these issues:


  • Slower heat transfer to the water, causing the water heater to overheat. Overheating can damage the inner lining and weaken the steel tank, leading to tank pre-mature tank failure.

  • If you have an electric water heater, sediment can cover the heating elements, causing the elements to burn-out.

  • Displaces water in the tank, excessive sediment build-up in your tank, can cause much less useful hot water.

  • Lowers the water heater's efficiency, increasing the cost to heat the water by taking longer to recover.

  • Scalding, trapped water under a layer of sediment deposits can cause the water to become super heated, this super heated water (up to 350 deg.) can suddenly erupt (cracking open the solid layer of minerals) releasing super heated water while bathing or showering, causing extreme scalding resulting in serious and permanent injury. 



If you're hearing a popping noise and you've never had your water heater serviced (flushed), there may be a large layer of sediment at the bottom of the tank. Flushing your water heater at this point may not remove enough mineral build-up to be safe, we recommend replacement of your water heater as soon as possible.


How to Flush my Water Heater Tank

You can flush your water heater tank yourself (it's easy). Or you can call Water Heater Pros, (916) 344-4500 and schedule a service technician to do it for you.


Here's how to flush your tank on a gas or electric water heater

1. Purchase an optional "Flush Kit" at the time your new water heater was installed by Water Heater Pros, this flush kit contains       a full port brass drain/flush valve, replacing the factory drain/valve. our drain/flush valve has a full port (3/4") opening, verses       the factory conventional port (1/2") that was installed in your water heater.


2. Get a garden hose long enough to reach an existing drain lower than the bottom of the water heater, or reach an area outside,     be careful not to drain the hot water in shrubs, grass or trees as the water is very hot and can kill these plants.


3. Next, attach the garden hose to the flush/drain valve located at the bottom of your water heater (all water heaters have this f         flush/drain valve) and extend the hose to discharge the water as mentioned above.


4. Now simply open the drain valve by turning the valve handle counter clockwise (several left turns), some newer water heaters     now have a screw driver slot, turn same counter clockwise direction or until you hear water flowing. Let the water flow under         pressure for 1-minute for every year of your water heaters age, example: 3-year old water heater flush it for 3-minutes. Do not     shut off any other water or gas valves or electric breaker as this task is not needed.


5. Now you are done, shut off the valve clockwise (turning right) or until off, detach the garden hose and put away for next time.


Note: Don't be confused, you are not draining the water out of the tank, you are flushing the tank. By flushing the tank, water is being discharged under pressure, stirring up the accumulated sediment at the bottom of the tank and discharging this debris through the garden hose and out of the water heater.






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