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Hot Water Recirculation


On-Demand System

Comfort Recirculation System

Is it possible to have a hot water recirculation system and get hot water to all my faucets?

I am interested in getting a hot water recirculation pump installed so that I can get hot water faster to each of my faucet and shower locations.

I'm aware of three types of recirculation systems and here they are.




The first type is the traditional dedicated hot water return system found in some homes, this system was first used in the early 70's, it consists of one or two separate dedicated return lines from the water heater to the farthest most distant plumbing fixtures such as a master bath and kitchen, this line is run back to the hot water heater. From there, a check valve is installed on the line with a pump leading into the water heater.



A second type recirculation system is used when there is no dedicated hot water return line installed. This system uses your existing water piping, and has no recirculation return line installed. Several types of new pumps are produced and used by plumbers, one type is called "On-Demand" (as shown) this type is located at the farthest plumbing fixtures from the water heater and consist of a pump that is installed under a sink, by pushing a demand button, hot water is quickly pulled from the water heater to this location.




A third type is called a "Comfort-System" (as shown) this system has a pump that is installed at the water heater and uses a mechanical tee that is installed in a cabinet under a sink.


whichever system is right for you they all work fairly well.

Pex manifold.jpg



But what if you have a home that has polyethylene (PEX) piping

installed, and it takes a long time to get hot water to the faucets

from the water heater.


Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX), a type of flexible plastic, is

currently replacing traditional copper and galvanized steel as

water supply lines in both new construction and remodeling

projects. Homes using this type of piping system do have

drawbacks when it comes to hot water recirculation, usually

installed in new home construction and uses hot and cold water

manifolds, usually these manifolds are located in a garage or

utility area. Unfortunately these system are installed without a

third manifold, designated for the hot water return, so that all

faucets in the home have instant hot water without the wait.

Some say it can't be done. Water Heater Pros says, yes it can!

Good news, a hot water recirculation system can be installed in such cases, expect limitations and extra out of pocket cost, but if you have a (PEX) piping system and really want instant hot water at some or all the faucets, call us at 916-344-4500 we have helpful hints and free quotes.



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