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Heat Pump Facts | Water Heater Pros | Sacramento, Ca

Heat Pump Facts



Don’t be alarmed by what you read on the internet many articles are written by competitive manufactures, the two very best I know of in this industry are Bradford White which is from the original design of GE Geo-therm brand, back about 10-years ago the federal us government paid GE 3-billon dollars to develop a water heater that has an EF rating of over 2.0EF however they must agree to share this technology with all other US manufacturers, so all the other American water heater manufacturers now make heat-pump (Hybrid) water heaters. 


Bradford White bought the GE factory and all related heat-pump designs and patents and repackaged the new units as a Bradford White Hybrid heat-pump water heater. 


The new Bradford White Heat-Pump water heaters are made much better then the original GE units and technology has increased they now deliver a 3.45EF rating and Ruud offers a slightly higher rating at 3.70EF. both are an excellent choice. My choice would be RUUD since they tend to build dependable water heaters and are the oldest water heater manufacturer in the US, in fact they invented the modern day water heater we’ve been using for the last 140 years.


Heat-Pumps are about three times efficient as a standard electric water heater. These style water heaters give you the lowest cost per gallon of hot water than any other type water heater gas or electric, even lower than a gas tankless style water heater.


The new heat-pump (Hybrid) water heaters conserves energy, with up to 3.70 Energy Factor (EF) ratings.  

Consumer Alert 

Hybrid water heaters do make noise (50dB to 60dB) during heat-pump mode, also the exhaust air is much cooler from the blower fan, and you must change the settings from Heat Pump Mode in the summer to Electric Mode when temperatures reach 70º and below in the winter.




















Hybrid water heaters have the highest savings amongst all other brands tested.

A yearly average household savings of up to $404 for a family of four.

A heat pump water heater draws heat from the surrounding air and stores it in the water. It uses heat that's already there. Sacramento has the perfect climate for a heat pump water heater, This area does not experience extreme cold.


The average cost to replace a standard tank-type 50 gallon electric water heater is about $1800, our average cost to convert from gas vs electric a new 50-gallon electric hybrid is only $3200, thats a difference of $1400, it would take a little more than three years to recoup this extra cost between a hybrid and a conventional water heater, and many more years of saving money after that, Plus a Hybrid water heater last longer than a standard electric conventional unit.


SMUD now offers a rebate of $2500 instant rebate, good till 12/31/2021 on homeowners who have a gas units and convert from gas vs electric to a new electric heat pump unit for those of you who want a conversion from gas water heater to electric heat-pump, this rebate covers most of the cost of the heat-pump water heater installation including electric to new heat-pump location.


Water Heater Pros, skilled technicians can replace your old energy burning gas water heater with a new electric heat pump unit at only $500 to $1200 average out of pocket cost after SMUD rebate.

SMUD rebate application click here

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Actual New Installation




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