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                            Mr. Baysinger started his own plumbing business in 1979 in Arizona and moved to Sacramento in1989                                 to continue in his family trade, Sid's Great Grandfather actually started a plumbing business in1856 in 

                        New York. Because of Sid's families commitment to the plumbing industry, Sid has become a passionate                             and honest professional, providing water heater replacements as well as tankless & hybrid upgrades.


Every job is done with care and respect for the customer, Sid takes water heaters seriously. Now, Sid only specializes in just water heaters, every type from the traditional tank-type water heaters found in 80% of today's homes to tankless & energy-star hybrids water heaters that are becoming more popular. 


Today, Sid stays current on all makes and models direct from the manufacturers, technicians are factory trained in every aspect from professional installers to service & repair technicians and because they specializes in just water heaters, Sid has built trusting relationships with his many water heater suppliers, his sales volume enables him to purchase quality water heaters by the truck load at the lowest prices, offering Water Heater Pros customers the very best in water heater deals, far below the competition.


Sid believes when it's time to purchase your new water heater, you should pay only the most reasonable price available. 

Water Heater Pros service's all areas of Sacramento, and most areas of Yolo and Placer counties.



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