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Heat pump water heaters

Water heaters are typically the second highest source of energy use in residences behind heating and cooling systems. Water heaters with new energy-efficient heat pump technology are a highly efficient way to heat water, offering a reduction in energy usage and utility bill savings when compared to electric resistance water heaters.


Save energy: In comparison to their standard electric counterparts, heat pump water heaters can be three times more efficient. They are also more efficient than gas water heaters — which suffer energy loss during the venting process and can be three to four times more efficient than traditional gas water heaters.

Save money: Energy efficient heat pump water heaters can reduce energy bills.
Health and safety: Heat pump water heaters avoid some hazards present with gas water heaters, such as gas leaks. Additionally, with gas water heaters, poor ventilation can also release toxic carbon monoxide and excess moisture into the home.

Environment: Gas-powered water heaters emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere when used. With increasing amounts of renewable resources, electric-powered heat pump water heaters significantly reduce emissions and pollution.


BW heat pump water heaters
Aerotherm Spec. Sheet

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The AeroTherm® Series heat pump water heater has the high efficiency, energy savings and performance homeowners will

really warm up to. With four easily selectable operation modes (Heat Pump, Hybrid, Electric, Vacation), the AeroTherm® Series gives you greater control over your water heater’s energy consumption.


  • 10-year factory warranty

  • 1-BATH, 50-gal. Model: RE2H50S10

  • 2-BATH, 50-gal. Model: RE2H50S10  

  • 3-BATH, 65-gal. Model: RE2H65T10

  • 4-BATH, 80-gal. Model: RE2H80T10

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  Why Bradford White ?

  • ENERGY STAR® qualified

  • Unbelievable 3.45EF rating

  • Complies with California title 24

  • The AeroTherm® series control panel

  • Operating modes offer flexibility

  • Quieter operation (heat-pump mode)

  • Accessible washable air filter

  • Backup electric heating elements

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