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Accessories | Water Heater Pros | Sacramento, Ca


Steel Platform


Heavy duty galvanized 18GA water heater platform supports 30 to 50 gallon units. 


Heavy duty galvanized 16GA water heater platform supports 75 to 100 gallon units.


Both comply with the national safety code requirements. Professional installation included.

Double Wall Vent


Now get that extra protection and peace of mind with a complete new double wall exhaust vent system, The Pros will install this vent system from the water heater all the way through the roof, preventing fire and carbon monoxide leaks, each joint is self locking to prevent coming loose, a smart choice.

Emergency Shutoff


Quarter turn (1/4-turn) solid brass full port ball valve professionally installed, now anyone can shut off the water heater just in case of a emergency leak or worse... flooding or just regular maintenance.

Feel good knowing you can easily shut off your hot water heater if needed.

Instant Hot Water


Amazing, now get instant hot water at all your faucets and showers, no more wasted water down the drain and waiting up to 2-3 minutes for the water to get hot.

Guaranteed you'll love it or your money back.

Have the pros install a Grundfos Comfort System in your home today.

You just need a 110V electric outlet. 



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