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Commercial Tankless


Here is our commercial Noritz gas tankless-type recommended water heater. Out of the many gas tankless brands of water heaters found in America, we have chosen Noritz for our commercial line, they have proven to be the most reliable and longest lasting than the rest.

Why we save you more at Water Heater Pros?

We buy our gas tankless water heaters by the truck-load saving us money... We save so you save that's how we offer you the very best gas tankless for less!

Noritz NCC199CDV.jpg

The NCC199CDV commercial condensing tankless water heater from Noritz has a thermal efficiency of 98% and is CSA-approved for common venting up to six units​

  • Comes in at 199,000 BTU

  • ​Model: NCC-199-CDVN

  • 98 % Thermal Efficiency

  • Minimum 18,000 TO Max 199,000 BTUh

  • 0.29 to 11.1 GPM

NCC300 DV.png

No matter your installation plans, the NCC300 is versatile enough to adapt with its small size, flexibility in venting material and termination location.

  • Comes in at 300,000 BTU

  • Model: NCC-300-DVN

  • 97% Thermal Efficiency

  • Minimum 15,000 to Max 300,000 BTUh

  • 0.5 to 13.2 GPM

Noritz NC380.jpg
  • Comes in at 380,000 BTU

  • Great for Indoors & outdoors

  • Model: NCC-380-SVN

  • ​80% Thermal Efficiency

  • Minimum 22,500 to Max 380,000 BTUh

  • 0.7 to 13.2 GPM



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