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A water heating system typically provides hot water for uses such as bathing, cleaning, cooking, and space heating. Common water heating systems include gas, electric, tank, and tankless designs, along with the controls, piping, and insulation required to feed hot water to the intended location. When installed, these systems must comply with the Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Energy Standards). This ensures energy savings for the building owner. Water Heater Pros understand these requirements and keeps current on all applicable regulations in the Sacramento, Ca areas.

Choose Your Water Heater Below

Gas Tank-Type

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Professional Installation

Electric Tank-Type

Electric Water Heater from Water Heater

Professional Installation 

Gas Tankless
Upgrade or Replace

Tankless water heater

Professional Installation

Upgrade or Replace

Specialty Water Heaters

Professional Installation

Any Water Heater
Repair or Service

Technician repairing a hot water heater

Repair Specialist

When Do You Need Your Water Heater Replaced


Water heaters are a vital part of any home today. When your unit starts experiencing issues or reaches the extent of its lifespan, you need to consider replacing the water heater. Water Heater Pros is here to help. We take the stress out of replacement so you can enjoy reliable hot water for years. Contact us today in Sacramento at 916-344-4500


The first sign you’ll probably notice is that your water heater doesn’t provide enough hot water. If you run out of hot water too fast or quicker than you used to, you may need a replacement water heater. Other signs include:

  • The age of the unit:  Water heaters can last for years, but most models last around a decade. If your unit is older than 10 or 12 years, you should consider replacing it.


  • Rusty water:  If the water out of your faucets is rust-colored, or you’ve noticed rust spots on the water heater's inlet valve, you probably need a replacement.


  • Leaks around the unit:  Leaking water heaters are normally rusted out and beyond repair. This happens over time as the metal expands and contracts due to temperature changes. If you have a leak, call us quickly.


Call Water Heater Pros today if you’ve noticed any signs listed above or if your water heater has different issues. We’ll inspect your unit and help you decide whether you need a replacement.


Sit back and enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your new water heater will be of good quality and professionally installed to meet all current safety codes.


Water Heater Pros will work with you to get the perfect new water heater right for your family, home, and budget. We only offer the highest quality units not found in retail stores, and we ensure the unit is sized to fit your home and usage levels.

When you decide to replace your old water heater, we’ll give you an accurate price quote because we don’t believe in hidden fees. When we finish the installation (normally on the same or the next day you call us), you also receive a 1-year workmanship warranty—peace of mind.

HERE IS WHAT WE INCLUDE   With every professionally installed water heater.

Water Heater delivery in Sacramento

Free delivery of new water heater

Drip Pan Under  Water Heater

Drip pan under water heater if required

Expansion Tank & Stainless Steel Piping for a gas water heater

Free expansion tank & piping if required

Safety temperature and pressure valve & up to 3' of piping with every water heater installation

Safety valve & up to 3' of pipe & fittings, included

Copper Piping &  Lead-Free Solder for your water heater

Copper piping, fittings and adapters, included

Corrosion Free Water Piping with every water heater installation

New Stainless Steel Flex

Connections, included

Properly fitted venting hardware with water heater installation

Properly fasten flue venting hardware, included

Gas drip leg & safety emergency shut off valve with water heater installation

Gas drip leg assembly 

code required, Included

Double safety gas connector with water heater installation

Gas 24" flexible safety 

connector, included

Haul-away & recycle of old water heater

Free haul-away and recycle old water heater

complete water heater installation

Actual Water Heater Installation by Water Heater Pros

Most common parts bundle as shown above, older homes may need additional work per local safety codes.



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