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The Benefits of Electric Water Heaters

If your home is in need of a new water heater, you may be feeling overwhelmed with the number of choices available to you. If you haven't considered an electric water heater, you may not be aware of the advantages that an electric heater can provide for your home. Here is an overview of the benefits of electric water heaters.

Small Footprint

If you are in need of a compact water heating solution, an electric heater may be the perfect choice. Apartments and small homes benefit greatly from the small footprint of electric water heaters. With an electric heater, there is no need to install gas lines or additional ventilation. Electric heaters are perfect for small spaces such as closets because they need virtually no clearance around the sides to run safely.

Not only does the size of electric water heaters make them great for small spaces, it also reduces their installation cost. Without the need to run gas lines or ducts for ventilation, the labor of installing an electric heater is significantly reduced. This translates into lower up-front costs for the homeowner.

Low Standby Los

Tank water heaters fire intermittently to keep the water inside the tank hot at all times. This is to provide hot water on-demand when you turn on a faucet in your home. Water heaters must fire intermittently because a small percentage of heat is lost from the tank over time. This is known as standby loss, and the energy it wastes will contribute to your energy bill.

Electric water heaters will have lower standby loss than other heaters of similar sizes. For example, gas water heaters will lose heat through the furnace flue and pilot light, components that aren't found on electric heaters. The simplicity of electric water heaters results in fewer avenues for heat to leak out over time.

Wide Availability

A unique benefit of electric water heaters is that they are available no matter where you live. In certain locations, running a gas line to your home may be impossible. On the other hand, any home that has electricity can be fitted with an electric water heater. The wide availability and simple installation also means that there will be contractors with experience working on electric heaters no matter where you live.

Highly Safe

Because most water heaters use some type of combustible fuel, there is always a small risk that comes with operating them. Gas leaks in the home and combustion are possible with gas heaters, although the risk is minor and installing a carbon monoxide detector is enough precaution to keep your home safe in almost all cases.

With an electric water heater, there's no cause for concern over combustion or gas leaks. Without even a pilot light, electric water heaters have no greater chance of combustion than any other electrical appliance in your home. The high safety of electric water heaters also results in a longer lifespan, as there is less risk of dangerous failures as electric heaters age.

Variety of Options

While most electric water heaters are of the standard tank variety, there are several other options available to you if you choose an electric heater. One example is heat pump heaters, which heat water using ambient heat from surrounding air to save energy. You can also choose to install a tankless electric heater, a type that heats water on demand instead of storing it in a tank to minimize energy use even further.

Understanding the benefits of electric water heaters will help you make an informed decision when choosing a new heater for your home. Contact Water Heater Pros so we can help you with any questions about installing a new water heater.

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