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Common Questions About Heat Pump Water Heaters

If your traditional water heater is in need of replacement, then consider an upgrade to something more energy-efficient. Heat pump water heaters are one of the most energy-efficient water tank heating systems available. Even with their higher initial costs, they last a long time and can save you a lot of money in the long run.

If you are in the market for a new water heater, then here are some answers to common questions about heat pump water heaters versus traditional water heaters.

How Are Heat Pump Water Heaters Different?

Heat pump water heaters use electricity to draw in warm air from its surroundings and use this air to heat the water. The top of the water heater has a fan to draw the air into the tank. The tank is filled with refrigerant-filled coils. The warm air helps to compress the refrigerant to turn it into hot gas and heat for the water. Cold air is then expelled as a byproduct.

Traditional water heaters have a simple design. They have a heat source that directly warms up the water. The water enters the tank and is heated up by this source. That hot water rises to the top and moves through the hot water pipes in your home.

Are Heat Pump Water Heaters Easy to Install?

Heat pump water heaters are similar in shape and width as traditional water heaters. However, they tend to be slightly taller. Another issue with heat pump water heaters is they must be located in a space with enough air to draw heat from. Therefore, if you have only a tight closet space, then your heat pump water heater may not be efficient in that area.

Do Heat Pump Water Heaters Keep Water Hot?

Many heat pump water heaters are hybrid systems and have backup heat sources. You can modify your settings for high use to heat water up more quickly during high demand periods. This means that they are able to heat up about as quickly as a traditional water heater, especially when the weather and the room is warm.

Can an Old Water Heater Be Retrofitted?

You can retrofit an old traditional water heater with a heat pump. However, if you decide to go this route, be sure to have your current tank examined. If your tank is well-aged, then you may be better with an entirely new water heater. If you decide to retrofit your current water heater, have a professional do the work to ensure it works properly.

How Well Will Heat Pump Water Heaters Work in the Central Valley?

The Central Valley, which includes Sacramento County, is ideal for heat pump water heaters. The temperatures are very warm in the summer and mostly mild in the winter. The warm summer air will help with your water heater's efficiency. Plus, the system puts out cool air as a byproduct of the heating process, so your room will be cooler. The mild winters mean you won't have to be concerned about the lack of warm air or extra insulation.

When you check out your water heater options, be sure to check out heat pump water heaters on top of your other options. These water heaters will give you many years of service, so the savings can add up over time. If you've chosen the right size for your home, then you should have no problems with hot water on demand.

When you are ready to choose a new water heater, then give Water Heater Pros a call. We can look at your current setup and give you advice on which water heater is right for your home. Check out our web page on heat pump water heaters and give us a call if you think one might be right for your home.

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