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Water Heater Stand And Safety Pan | Water Heater Pros | Sacramento, Ca

Water Heater Stand And Safety Pan


There are several reasons for having your water heater placed on a hot water heater steel platform. The most important one is to prevent fire incidents. Lifting your water heater prevents flammable fumes and vapors’ from spilled gasoline or any other combustible fluid from lying on the floor in the garage. 


Your water heater stand needs to lift your water heater at least 18 inches off the ground if it is placed in your garage. Whatever you do, don’t ever place your water heater on the concrete. This will make them rot out, shortening their lifespan as a result.

Water Heater New Base.jpg

Every Water Heater installation must follow the code. The new models of water heaters are resistant to flammable vapor ignitions, but that does not change that water heater installation must be up to code. In every county there are plumbing codes and standards that every water heater owner needs to comply with, so they can ensure the safety of their families.

Even if your water heater is the new flammable ignition resistance model, it needs to stay off the ground in case it’s placed inside the garage where a car might get parked. Besides, once you place it on an ideal hot water heater stands, you won’t have to clean up as many contaminants out of the vents and filters. Whatever you do, don’t you ever place your water heater on the concrete.This will make them rot out, shortening their lifespan as a result.


The water heater is an important part of your home. However, the water volume it carries can pose a significant risk for water damage if a failure occurs. You can take a few steps to mitigate the risk of water damage though, one of which is installing a water heater drain pan also known as a safety pan.

The plumbing codes change every few years. One of the changes in recent years is the requirements for drain pans under water heaters. If it's time to replace your water heater (or do drain service on the existing water heater), you may need to install a drain pan under the water heater.

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