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Emergency Shut Off Valve | Water Heater Pros | Sacramento, Ca

Emergency Shut Off Valve

An emergency water leak shut-off valve is a shut-off valve used if your water heater is leaking or not functioning properly or to service the tank. The water heater shut off valve is a very important part of your water heater. If the valve is faulty, don’t make any delays in replacing it.These can prevent a significant amount of damage that water leaks cause.

water-heater shut off valve

Shut-Off Valve Is a Great Prevention Device


We recommend replacing your emergency shut-off valve at the time your new water heater is installed. These valves are attached to the incoming water line of the water heater.

What the emergency shut-off valve does is right there in its name: when water starts to flood from a burst pipe or other plumbing fiasco in the home, shutting the valve off will stop water flooding into the house with a quick turn.

Our valves are made of solid brass with a stainless steel inner ball so it will never freeze up even after many years of non use, and it only takes just a quarter turn (1/4) to off, so easy... anyone can do it. Call the Pros for a 20% discount if installed at the same time as your new water heater. Call Us (916) 344-4500



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