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Our Water Heaters Last Longer

Enjoy a extended lifespan, get 12–24 years starting with our good 6-year factory warranty water heater models or get a better 10-year factory warranty model or get our best 12-year factory warranty. Water heaters have been proven to last longer if they are serviced and cared for by professional technicians who knows proper maintenance procedures.


Free Workmanship Warranty

We provide a 3-year worry free workmanship warranty with every new water heater we install.

Energy Savings, Faster Hot Water

With todays newer technology, water heaters heat faster and have higher efficiency to conservation energy in your home.  As a homeowner you will save money on your utility bills and increase the value of your home at the same time.


No Money Down, No Interest for 18–Months

We have secured a special payment plan with Syncrony bank, allowing you to take ownership with no money down and no interest for 18 months, as long as you pay off the loan in 18-months. Or you can lock in a low fixed rate and allow the energy and repair cost savings help pay for your water heater over the course of 36, 60 or 120 months!


Proper Sizing Means Better Efficiency

Before we install your new water heater it is necessary to determine the proper size necessary for your water heater to provide you with consistent, reliable access to hot water. The size of the water heater that is appropriate for your home varies with a number of factors. Choosing the right water heater means considering how many people are in your home, what your water use habits are like, and how much hot water you want to have on standby if you opt for a storage tank model. Discussing these factors with a water heater installation expert at Water Heater Pros can help ensure that you always have enough hot water.


Call Us Today for Dependable Water Heater Replacement or Upgrade Service

When you are ready for your new water heater installation service, call Water Heater Pros for the level of service that you deserve. Our expert factory trained technicians have plenty of experience with all makes and models of water heaters, and you can be sure that when we handle your installation, your water heater will get off to a great start. Contact us today to schedule a new water heater installation in Sacramento, Yolo, Placer, & Eldorado counties.




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