Water Heater Repair and Replacement in Rocklin, CA

Water heaters are a vital component of the home. If you need water heater installation or repair services for your home in Rocklin, CA, call Water Heater Pros. We offer comprehensive services to ensure your home always has warm water.

What We Do


Whatever your water heater needs, we can provide. We are skilled in maintenance, repairs, and installation, and we have experience with every type of water heater on the market. You can work with us to schedule routine water heater maintenance to increase your system’s lifespan. And if you have any problems, we can quickly resolve them to keep your water heater running efficiently always.

For water heater replacement or installation, talk to us about the water heaters we carry. We can help you choose one that is the right size and has the right specs to fulfill you and your family’s needs.

Who We Are


Water Heater Pros has been a trusted name in Rocklin, CA, since 1979. We have serviced hundreds of homes and have hundreds of satisfied customers. Of course, if you aren’t satisfied with our work, we provide a 100 percent money-back guarantee, plus a 3-year work warranty on our services.

If you need water heater repair or installation in Rocklin, CA, call us today at 916-344-4500.

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