Water Heater System Replacement in Sacramento, CA

Water heaters are a vital part of any home today. When your unit starts experiencing issues or reaches the extent of its lifespan, you need to think about water heater replacement. Water Heater Pros is here to help. We take the stress out of replacement so that you can simply enjoy reliable hot water for years to come. Contact us today in Sacramento, CA.

When Do You Need Water Heater System Replacement?


The first sign that you’ll probably notice is that your heater doesn’t provide enough hot water. If you run out of hot water too fast or quicker than you used to, you may need a replacement water heater. Other signs include:

  • The age of the unit: Water heaters can last for years, but most models last around a decade. If your unit is older than 10 or 12 years, you should consider replacing it.

  • Rusty water or unit: If the water out of your fixtures is rust-colored, or you’ve noticed rust spots on the inlet valve of the water heater, you probably need a replacement.

  • Leaks around the unit: Leaking water heaters are normally warped beyond repair. This happens over time as the metal expands and contracts due to temperature change. If you have a leak, call us quickly.


If you’ve noticed any of the signs listed above, or your water heater has different issues, give Water Heater Pros a call today. We’ll inspect your unit and help you decide if you need replacement or not.

What Happens If You Do Need Replacement?


Water Heater Pros will work with you to get you the perfect new water heater. We only offer the highest quality units (not found in retail stores), and we make sure that the unit is sized to your home and usage levels.

When we both decide to replace your water heater, we’ll first give you a 100 percent accurate price estimate because we don’t believe in hidden fees. And when we finish the installation (normally on the same day you call us), you can enjoy a three-year warranty.

Call us at 916-344-4500 to get started.

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