These photos of water heaters all have been installed by our professionally trained technicians.


Here you will find many tank-type water heaters, tankless and specialty water heater installations.


You will see seismic strapping on the tank-type water heaters, this is required by code in Sacramento earth quake areas, along with hot & cold water flex connectors and gas flex connectors, expansion tanks and gas drip legs are the most common code requirements. 


Note: Flex connectors for installations in earth quake areas are recommended by most applicable plumbing inspectors vs hard piping directly to the units in an earth quake area, we use Stainless Steel.

Water Heater Pros Billboard on Sunrise Blvd
Commercial water heater installation vehicle
Estimator vehicle #2
Residential installation vehicle
estimator #1
Navien tankless to be installed
Sid Baysinger inspecting
Spent anode rod
inspection burner assembly
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0705191253 copy
RUUD 50 gallon Heat=Pump water heater
AO Smith Cyclone
Cyclone Commercial water heater installed at the Hampton Inn
Rheem Hybrid
Rheem Hybrid in special application
Rinnai RUR98e
Tankless outdoor installation
Navien NPE 240A
Noritz EZTR40
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gas water heater photo
Bradford White 50 gallon gas
Installed Rinnai tankless photo
Rinnai RUR 199 tankless
Sid Baysinger repairing a tankless photo
inside Navien tankless
Navien tankless photo
navien 240S tankless
Commercial multi water heaters photo
Power vent water heater
check-for-leaks_inline photo
water heater repair
water heater sediment trap photo
Gas trap
State water heater photo
40 gallon state gas water heater
Bradford White water heater photo
50 gallon gas water heater
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Electric Heat-Pump Hybrid
Ruud 50 gallon hybrid
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check-for-leaks_inline photo

water heater repair